Watch this video to learn techniques for internalizing and expanding your jazz vocabulary.
In this video, I demonstrate basic chord/scale warm-ups for all instruments. These are useful for jazz ensemble rehearsals, private lessons, or individual practice.

Jazz Vocabulary Handouts

Here are some handouts containing elements of jazz vocabulary that I teach to my university and private students. Much of it comes from the pedagogy of David Baker and was shared with me by Eric Alexander and Jim Carroll.

For Saxophonists

Here are three levels of daily saxophone workouts that address essential areas of saxophone technique such as tone, tuning, tonguing, and technique. Much of this is borrowed from the pedagogy of Eugene Rousseau, Larry Teal, and Marcel Mule.

I’ve searched the internet for the best saxophone lessons by reputable saxophone teachers. This is what I’ve found.

Dr. Eugene Rousseau – Steps to Excellence Video

Sigurd Rascher – Buescher Promotional Ad
Here’s the legendary Sigurd Rascher teaching and demonstrating the fundamentals of the saxophone. Embedding was disabled but you can find the video here:

Joe Allard – The Master Speaks
Joe Allard taught at Julliard. His students include Michael Brecker, Dave Liebman, Paul Cohen, Kenneth Radnofsky, and many other great classical and jazz saxophonists. Here is a rare video of Allard describing some advanced embouchure and overtone concepts.

Harvey Pittel – Sax Teaching of the Master Joe Allard
Here is Harvey Pittel elaborating on the concepts of Joe Allard. I’ve watched these lessons numerous times and picked up many good tips.

The U.S. Army Field Band produced this extensive video on the saxophone and its history. Skip to 1:26:11 for information on jazz saxophone playing.